Letter from Thomas Sun, Middlebury College, to Alfred E. Stearns December 4, 1929 (includes financial account)


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Letter from Thomas Sun, Middlebury College, to Alfred E. Stearns December 4, 1929 (includes financial account)


Letter from Thomas Sun, Middlebury College, to Alfred E. Stearns December 4, 1929 (includes financial account)


My dear Dr. Stearns,

I am enclosing a copy of my account for my expenses for the past fall. I hope that it is a satisfactory one. I have a more detailed one, and I will be glad to send it to you if you wish it.

You can see well, that making the football team is an expensive proposition. The trips to the other colleges cost quite a bit. In fact the coach encouraged amusement both before and after the game. The trip to Columbia University is an expensive one, because we went down there two days early and came back one day late. The other item of expense on that account is the cost of tuxedo. I figured that I rather buy one that is half decent rather than one that I could get for 19.00 dollars. Besides these two items the other expenses are annual, such as the college bills and the house bills.

I have a few bills yet to be paid which amount to about fifty dollars such as a overcoat, overshoes, Christmas cards, etc. This Christmas I expect to go to Boston and then to Andover to talk things over with you, and then I will go to New York where I expect to see Mary. I have been thinking seriously of remaining here for the second semester instead of going to either Harvard or Columbia. I have been elected Chapter Editor in Chief of the Delta Epsilon paper which is a whole year's office, and I stand an excellent chance of getting the Chapter Presidency, and in case if I should get such offices, it is only right that I should remain here till my term expires which will be after the second semester starts. Furthermore, if my father insists that I should go to Harvard, I will have to have both German and French. I have no knowledge of German whatsoever, and only slight knowledge of French. If such be the case, I think I rather stay here for studying both of those languages. However, I will make no further remarks till I have a talk with you.

I will need another $550.00 to last me till Easter, During that time, I expect to have Mary up here for a few days for a visit which will cost in the neighborhood of $50. That money will take care of all the expenses which I will incur during that period. If you will let me have that money by the end of this week or the first of next week, I will appreciate it very much. I like to pay those bills off as soon as possible.

At the beginning of next week, there will be another collection in the house, I think, for money to purchase a new piano, and I like to contribute my share. So by the first of next, please let me have the money.


Received $550.00
Tuition 125.00
Dispensaries 13.50
Board at the Delta Upsilon House 144.00
Room at the Delta Upsilon House 50.00
House Tax 35.00
Trip to Columbia University 11.73
"" " Springfield College 8.15
" " Worcester 4.27
" " Providence college 6 .80
" " Mass. Aggis. 3.12
" " University of Vermont 4.75
Norwich and Williams Game Dances 2.00
Books 17.75
Shoes 9.50
Gloves 4.00
Hat 6.00
Delta Upsilon Socials 5.00
Tuxido- 42.50
Sophomore Hop 10.00
Tennis and Football and Fraternity picture enlarging and framing (7) 11.25
General Expenditures 15.00
Tennis letter sweater 10.00
Total 539 .37
Received 550.00
Balance 10.63


Thomas Sun


Phillips Academy


December 4, 1929


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