Letter from C.Y. Sun to A.E. Stearns November 8, 1930


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Letter from C.Y. Sun to A.E. Stearns November 8, 1930


Letter from C.Y. Sun to A.E. Stearns November 8, 1930


44 Cambridge Road
TIENTSIN, 8th.November, 1930.
Dr. A. E. Stearns
Phillips Academy,
Andover, Mass. U.S.A.

Dear Dr.Stearns:

After her graduation in June and receiving her diploma Mary will be returning to China .and it will be necessary to make all arrangements ahead so I am writing you now with some details. I had previously promised Mary a trip to Europe, and although she did not take this trip, I have to keep my promise, so you might please arrange that she have $1000-which is about the sum this journey to Europe would have cost. In addition you might please pay her a further $500-to cover her passage to China and incidental expenses. With regard to the $1000-she may use a part of it to buy presents she may wish to take back with her to China. But after everything is covered she will have a good balance in her own bank account which balance she should have transferred, in gold dollars, (not in silver currency) to her credit with the National City Bank of New York, Tientsin branch. Please tell her to be sure and have this balance credited to her at Tientsin n gold dollars.

If you find there is not enough to the credit of Mary in your account to meet all of this $1500 you might please make it up from the balance on your account for Tommy. And on the other hand, if you find there is a balance over on Mary's account after meeting this $1500- then this balance over you can place to the credit of your account for Tommy.

With regard to Mary’s return home, it may be necessary to make reservations etc now, and her best plan would be to go to Cooks, or the American Express and have them make the necessary train and steamer reservations etc. The southern sea-trip from San Francisco via Honolulu would be better as it is not nearly so stormy as the northern route from Seattle.

I trust I have made all this clear. In all $1500-to be paid to Mary of which she will want approx. $500-for her tickets and incidentals to China. As I have said she may want to spend, something for presents, but she will have s good balance over to be transferred to her credit in gold dollars with the National City Bank of New York Tientsin branch. Mary should be able to give the instructions to her banker, but she may want a little help from you in case of any difficulty. She can give the Bank her home address—

44 Cambridge Road, Tientsin-so that the transfer can be easily verified.

I trust all these arrangements for Mary will not be troubling you too much. To some extent I realise how much you have done end are doing for my children and I appreciate all your care and thought. But for all your valued assistance through the years it would have been an almost impossible task to give them the best possible education and care to fit them to take their places in their life and work in their home land. And I never cease to express my very grateful thanks for all your very kind help, but my words are unable to convey to you all that my heart feels for all your kindness.

With best wishes, I am.
Yours very sincerely

8th.Dec. 1930

P・S・ From the above letter head you can see that this letter had left on the machine over a month. This was due to some sick persons at home and myself was not too well neither and confined in bed. The death of my wife delayed this too until now when I have to let Arthur type this, who just came back. Please pardon me for disclosing you my private sad news but I want to explain why I delayed in answering your kind letters.

I want to thank you heartily for all these troubles I asked you to do for Mary and also to acknowledge the various kind letters of yours up to the present time. Thank you again.


C.Y. Sun


Phillips Academy


November 8, 1930


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