Letter from C.Y. Sun, Tientsin, to Alfred E. Stearns April 2, 1931


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Letter from C.Y. Sun, Tientsin, to Alfred E. Stearns April 2, 1931


Letter from C.Y. Sun, Tientsin, to Alfred E. Stearns April 2, 1931


44 Cambridge Road,
TIENTSIN, 2nd. April, 1931

My dear Dr. Stearns,

Very many thanks for your kind letter of 27th February. I must apologise for not advising you of that $3000- and I regret very much that I caused you all the trouble and bother of having to write over to London to check-up on it. I wish to thank you for sending me the accounts for Mary & Tommy.

By this time you wil1 have had my letter of the 15th. February with the explanation, making it clear that Mary is not now going to take the trip to Europe but is coming home as soon as she completes her course and gets her diploma at Yale. I also confirm what I said in my last letter, that you should give Mary the $500-for her passage to China and an additional $1000-

With regard to Tommy and your suggestion that he might take a summer-trip to China, I have given the matter very careful consideration, with just the one main thought before me, that his education & training should work out for his lasting good in enabling him to take a creditable place in after life. It is only natural that he should miss his sister when she leaves for home but he will get over that. I recall that Mr.Liang’s sons spent 15 years in England to get a thorough education and when one left for home, the other one felt badly at first but remained on and completed his studies, all to his lasting good in his future work in China. I feel that if Tommy came here for the summer it is almost certain that he would not return to America. And Yale influence is very great here and his coming home now might be construed to mean that he had been a failure, and this would be fatal to his future life and prospects here. Tommy is young enough to go right on and finish his post-graduate studies. So putting everything together, I feel sure that he should continue in America until he completes his studies. You will add one more to your many kindnesses if you will be so kind as to place this matter before him in your own persuasive way, so that he will be encouraged to go forward and finish his studies. And I am here reminded of how very much I owe to you through a long period of years, for all your untiring and wise assistance to my children in our endeavor to give them a worth while training and education for their future success in life. I can never tell how much I feel, please accept a father’s most grateful thanks for your never failing help. And with my very best wishes and kindest regards,

I remain,
Yours very sincerely


C.Y. Sun


Phillips Academy


April 2, 1931


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