Letter from C.Y. Sun, Shanghai, to Alfred E. Stearns August 22, 1931


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Letter from C.Y. Sun, Shanghai, to Alfred E. Stearns August 22, 1931


Letter from C.Y. Sun, Shanghai, to Alfred E. Stearns August 22, 1931


Shanghai, 22nd, August 1931

My dear Dr.Stearns,

Mary and Tommy have arrived here safely after an excellent trip, and although I am still in very poor health I managed to go to Shanghai to meet them. As I saw my two children after ten years separation, my first thought was of how much I owe to you for all your care of my children during these years. I have tried at other times to express gratitude to you, and now I feel even more grateful but cannot find words to express myself as I would like. As I see how the children have grown and developed in character and knowledge, I know, that for what they have attained to, by far the largest part of the credit belongs to you, for you have been so kind to act in the place of both father and mother to them while they were in the States.

Whatever balance you have left over on the children’s accounts you might, at your leisure, send me a statement of account, but please do not remit any money here, as I shall be writing you later on, and may have some other use for the money.

It was a big effort for me to take the journey to Shanghai, for I am very weak through a severe nervous breakdown. Mary hopes to go to Peking soon, and will get in touch with the P.U.M.C. there to whom she has a letter of introduction from the Dean of the the Yale Nursing College. As to Tommy, nothing has yet been settled on, but he is rapidly regaining his own language and is full of zeal to get in touch with people and things in his native land. We are all leaving for Tientsin in a day or two, and Mary and Tommy are looking forward to being home once again.

Again expressing my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to you for your very very many kindness which I deeply appreciate, And with best wishes and kindest regards,

I remain,
Yours very sincerely,


C.Y. Sun


Phillips Academy


August 22, 1931


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