Letter from Alfred E. Stearns to C.Y. Sun, Tientsin December 13, 1928


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Letter from Alfred E. Stearns to C.Y. Sun, Tientsin December 13, 1928


Letter from Alfred E. Stearns to C.Y. Sun, Tientsin December 13, 1928


December 13, 1928
Mr. C. Y. Sun
44 Cambridge Road
Tientsin, China

My dear Mr. Sun:

Let me thank you for your letter of November 14, which has just reached me. I am forwarding the enclosed letter written by you to Mary to Mary at her New Haven address, and I have read with keen interest the copy which you were good enough to send to me.
I hope with all my heart that this most recent experience may prove of constructive value to Mary in bringing her to realize a little more clearly her responsibilities and in developing within her a clearer perception of her proper obligations to you. So far as I am concerned, I shall count any anxiety or trouble I may have suffered through Mary’s actions as more than worth while if the results are indicative of stronger character and higher ideals for living for her.

I have only recently been in correspondence with the Dean of the Yale University School of Nursing in order to find out just how Mary is getting along and what her prospects are for a successful career in her chosen line. From what the Dean writes me, I imagine that the freshman year is the hardest in that it embraces a good deal of book work in Anatomy, physiology, Psychology, etc., some of which apparently does not come easy to Mary, though I understand that she is maintaining an excellent standing in Chemistry and Anatomy. The Dean seems to feel that she will do better in Psychology and Physiology as she becomes better acquainted with the work. If she is able to secure eventually a good standing in her work. I have no doubt that she will give an increasingly better account of herself as she indulges in the more practical work which is to come later.

Charlies and Tom seem both to be going along in a very satisfactory way. Only this morning, I had nice letter from Charlie telling me of his plans for the Christmas holidays and the general character of his work and life this year. Tom’s college record to date has been on the whole much letter than I anticipated it would be when first entered college. The vacations are naturally difficult times for the children, and I only regret that my own situation is such that I cannot offer them the full friendly privileges of my home as I was able to do in the earliest yours of their stay in this country.

Again let me assure you of my appreciation of the spirit in which you have always cooperated in every endeavor I have put forth in the best interests of the children. May I express, too, along with my heartiest and friendliest Christmas and New Year greetings, the hope that you will have completely recovered by the time this letter reaches you from the sickness from which you were suffering when you wrote me your last letter on November 14.

Very sincerely yours,


Alfred E. Stearns


Phillips Academy


December 13, 1928


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