Letter from C.Y. Sun, Shanghai, to Alfred E. Stearns, May 12, 1926 includes copy of letter from C.Y. Sun to Arthur G. Robinson, Kansas City, May 12, 1926


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Letter from C.Y. Sun, Shanghai, to Alfred E. Stearns, May 12, 1926 includes copy of letter from C.Y. Sun to Arthur G. Robinson, Kansas City, May 12, 1926


Letter from C.Y. Sun, Shanghai, to Alfred E. Stearns, May 12, 1926 includes copy of letter from C.Y. Sun to Arthur G. Robinson, Kansas City, May 12, 1926


SHANGHAI ,12th.May,1926

My dear Dr.Stearns,

I received your letter of April second as I was about to leave Tientsin for Shanghai. I also received, at the same time,a letter from Dr.Sze enclosing copies of his letters to you of date Easter Sunday and April 5. I had hardly been in Shanghai a day or two when I received a cable-message from Dr.Sze informing me that Mary’s affairs had been settled and that she is apparently satisfied and happy. I at once cabled to Washington as follows-"SZE STEARNS SINOLEGATE WASHINGTON THANKS FOR SATISFACTORY ARRANGEMENT HAVE INSTRUCTED ROBINSON ACCORDINGLY SUN”. Dr.Sze would send this message on to you. Mr.Robinson was just about arriving in America when I received Dr.Sze’s cable, so I cabled Mr.Robinson to await a letter from me before seeing you. Mr.Robinson was,of course,in ignorance of the arrangement come to by the wise counsel of you & Dr.Sze. I have accordingly written Mr. Robinson by this mail and a copy of this letter is sent you herewith.

I appreciate beyond any poor feeble words I can put down in paper the wonderful spirit and the care and thought you have put into the handling of Mary’s case. I am very sorry to have put you to all the trouble of visiting Washington. Dr.& Madam Sze having Mary and Charlie with them on a visit helped to consolidate the wise arrangement made. I wish to assure you of my entire approval of what you have done for my children, and I want to express my sincere regret for whatever trouble my second cable caused you. The only reason I can offer for my action was my thought that Mary may not at all be able to qualify for college and the ambitious parents desired to get what she might be able to get. However I am glad that you L Dr. Sze rightly took my cable as a suggestion and worked out the satisfactory arrangement for which I thank you again.

There seems only one thing more to arrange for, and that is some way ahead. I mean the fixing-up affairs at New York for Mary when she enters Elmira. If Mary is to stay with a private family I would like her to be in a Christian home with people who would like to have a Chinese girl with them.

Again thanking you for all you are doing and assuring you how much I appreciate it all.
I remain,

Very cordially yours,

SHANGHAI. 12th May 1926
Mr. Arthur G. Robinson c/o Mr.A.D.Rider, 2524 Forest /venae, Kansas City, U.S.A.

My dear Robbie,

After you left Tientsin I received letters from Dr.Stearns (2 April) and Dr.Sze(5 April) with copies from Dr.Sze of 2 letters written by him to Dr.Stearns. Then, a day or two after arriving in Shanghai I had a cable-message from Dr.Sze which was delayed somewhat owing to it having come to Tientsin and then to me by steamer here. I enclose copies of all these communications and, after you have read them all, you will understand my cable to you on board your steamer. The Dollar Co. assured me it would reach you at Seattle. I enclose a copy of this cable, also a copy of a cable I sent off at the same time to Dr.Sze & Dr.Stearns.

The satisfactory arrangement for Mary made by the kindness of Dr.Stearns & Dr.Sze meet with my entire approval, and it is nice to have the message from Dr.Sze informing me that Mary is apparently satisfied and happy with the arrangement, which I am sure you will find full and complete by the time you see Dr.Stearns at Andover.

You remember we spoke together of the possibility of Mary taking up music? You might talk this over with Dr.Stearns. Has Mary the music-sense? Does she fancy taking up music and working at it? I am reminded here that Dr.Stearns quotes Mrs.Russell the principal of "Whittiers and advises that in Mary’s college work she should "Take the broader courses in College", and I wonder if music would come under this head.

So now, Robbie, most if not all of the difficulties you were good enough to plan to help me with have been done away with through the very kind efforts of Dr.Stearns with the help and backing of Dr.Sze. But if there is any way in which you can help Dr.Stearns in points that may come up as you talk things over I shall appreciate such help. I do not know how to find words to thank Dr.Stearns for all he has done and is doing for the children. Please thank him in person for me.

You might talk over with Dr.Stearns the New York arrangements for Mary. If she is to stay with a private family, you know how my heart is set upon having Mary with a Christian family who would welcome a Chinese girl to their home.

Accept my sincere thanks for all your interest and help. For you and your family I wish the best of times at your own home and in all your stay in America.

Yours sincerely,

11 May.1926
Admiral Oriental line Seattle.
Send following telegram to Arthur Robinson passenger President McKinley, Account developments await receipt of letter before visiting Steams Sun.


C.Y. Sun


Phillips Academy


May 12, 1926


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