Academic report on Mr. Kong Y. Tu from J.F. Robinson to Wells, February 10, 1931


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Academic report on Mr. Kong Y. Tu from J.F. Robinson to Wells, February 10, 1931


Academic report on Mr. Kong Y. Tu from J.F. Robinson to Wells, February 10, 1931


Typed academic report from J.F. Robinson to Mr. Wells on the progress of Mr. Kong Y. Tu. States the program laid out a month ago has been followed. Willing to cooperate with teachers. Provides updates on courses in arithmetic, business practice, accounting, spelling, and penmanship.


February 10, 1931
Mr. Wells:
First month’s report under special program.

ATTITUDE. Mr. Tu seems to have made a real attempt to cooperate with his teachers. His general conduct has shown material improvement.

APPLICATION. The program laid out a month ago has been followed. It has been rather difficult at times for him to rid himself of his old tendency to do nothing, but he has, during the month, put in a creditable amount of hard work.

RESULTS. Arithmetic: His home work under Mr. Pulsifer’s supervision has been of passable grade, dur probably to Mr. Pulsifer’s refusal to allow him to give up until he had gotten the right answers to the problems upon which he was at work. His work in the classroom for the month of January averaged only about 40$ in point of accuracy. However, for the first week in February his home work, from standpoint of accuracy, averaged 80$, and his work in the classroom, 60$ — quite a marked advance over what he had previously attained.

Business Practice: His books covering work performed in the last six weeks have been handed in for examination. Mr. Seavey reports them to be in very poor condition. Much work is still necessary to bring them into shape for approval.

Accounting: Part II. It came to our attention at the end of January that his work as presented was in such poor condition that it could not be accepted for credit, neither could Mr. Tu pass the test given upon the work covered. He is now repeating this work with Miss McGuiggan, and I have required him to report to her each morning in order that she might check his completion of the previous day’s home work. This he has done regularly, and but for his absence of one day his work for the week would be complete. He has promised to make up this day’s work before he leaves tonight. Miss McGuiggan says the work in Accounting being handed in is acceptable, and she feels that he will make the grade so far as Part II Accounting is concerned.

Spelling: For the month of January his grade in Spelling is "A” — rather remarkable, for it is the first time that he has made an effort to secure any grade at all in this subject.

Penmanship: His work in this subject is so far in advance of his progress in the other work that we shall take him out of the penmanship class for a time, permitting him to devote these periods to Business Practice or Office Appliance, whichever may seem to be best.

Head of Department


J.F. Robinson


Phillips Academy


February 10, 1931


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