Letter from Dr. Alfred E. Stearns to Admiral H.K. Tu, February 11, 1931


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Letter from Dr. Alfred E. Stearns to Admiral H.K. Tu, February 11, 1931


Letter from Dr. Alfred E. Stearns to Admiral H.K. Tu, February 11, 1931


Typed letter sent from Dr. Alfred E. Stearns to Admiral H.K. Tu about K.Y. Tu's academic progress. States K.Y. Tu's grades have improved. Hopes the improvement continues through the rest of the year. States the faculty at Burdett College are also impressed with the progress made. Enclosed copy of report sent by the school.


February 11, 1931
Admiral H. K. Tu
148 Fok Sui Li
Route Joseph Frelupt
Shanghai, China

Dear Mr. Tu:

I have been following up as closely at possible of late Kong's status and progress at the Burdett Business College, and have been immensely pleased note the generous and helpful cooperation which the college authorities themselves have given me.

This morning into receipt of a report from Long's department head, forwarded to me by the vice-president of the institution, and am taking the liberty of enclosing this report herewith so that you may note for yourself exactly how matters stand at this time. Several weeks ago I was inclined to be distinctly pessimistic in regard to the outcome of Long's work at Burdett. Apparently things have changed a bit for the better, and I can only hope that the change will prove to have been permanent and that the improvement already noted will become more pronounced during the balance of the year. May I quite a comment or two made by Vice-President Wells in sending me this report:

“We are somewhat encouraged. The method devised seems to have brought some result. Mr. Tu has worked in accordance with the regulations devised, and though he found it difficult at first, he adapted himself quite readily as time went on.”

“I have discussed this report with Mr. Tu and have told him that it is being forwarded to you. It is my belief that he is somewhat impressed by his own progress, and if the system is continued, there is likelihood that it might bring the result which is desired. At least, we believe it to be promising enough to warrant a continuance, and we shall proceed in accordance with the same schedule unless you deem it wise that we change.”

With warm personal regards, believe me

Very sincerely yours.


Dr. Alfred E. Stearns


Phillips Academy


February 11, 1931


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