Letter from Thomas Sun, New Haven, Conn., to Alfred E. Stearns, February 2, 1931


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Letter from Thomas Sun, New Haven, Conn., to Alfred E. Stearns, February 2, 1931


Letter from Thomas Sun, New Haven, Conn., to Alfred E. Stearns, February 2, 1931


My dear Dr. Stearns,

I am sending to you with this letter a statement of all my expenses since I received the last check from you in the early part of November. I started to use this present system on November 8th, and have kept it up ever since, and I hope it will be satisfactory to you also.

It shows just exactly how I spend every cent, when I spent it, and for what purpose I spent it. The graph shows the general trend of my expenses.

I have as yet over fifty dollars to my credit at the bank, which I expect to last me two or three weeks, but with the earning of the bills for Tuition, Room, and other college facilities, I shall need some more money from you. I calculated the other night just how much more I will need from now till the end of the year, and the amount ran up to seven hundred and fifty dollars including everything. On the average, I run about twenty dollars a week counting everything. Board is my heaviest expense averaging about twelve to fourteen dollars a week. Books and other school supplies also take a large amount, and will take an even larger amount this second term, because I have to buy several Law books.

The items on my sheets need no explanation, I am sure, because they are all plain. Just one item, however, needs a little elaboration. Under the heading of Amusements, and later Recreation, I included everything such as Concerts, lectures, debates, movies, skating at the Arena, etc. Under the item Unclassified, I put tuition. The other items mean just what the term implies.

I shall leave the amount which I will need to you. If you wish to give me enough to last me till the end of the College year in June, I think I shall need about seven hundred and fifty dollars ($750.00). If you want to give me just enough till Easter vacation, I shall need about four hundred and fifty dollars ($450.00) including tuition and room.

I don’t know when they are going to send me the bills for college expenses such as tuition, but I suspect that it will be rather soon. Therefour [sic], if you will send me the money sometimes within the next ten days, I shall appreciate your effort. However, if you wish to send it earlier, I shall welcome it.

Mary told me the other night that she has already wrote home to Father about the prospects of my going home this summer with her. I shall not be surprised if she succeeds in changing Father’s attitude. Hence I rather expect the summons to go home from him within the next three months.

Sincerely Yours


Thomas Sun


Phillips Academy


February 2, 1931


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