Letter from Admiral H.K. Tu to Dr. A.E. Stearns, November 20, 1931


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Letter from Admiral H.K. Tu to Dr. A.E. Stearns, November 20, 1931


Letter from Admiral H.K. Tu to Dr. A.E. Stearns, November 20, 1931


Typed letter sent from Admiral H.K. Tu to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns. Sent a check for overdrawn amount from son's account. Thanks Stearn willingness to let account stand. States Kong is learning in an English newspaper office under Mr. Hollington K. Tong. Discusses current events in China.


148 Route De Frelupt
French Concession,
Shanghai, China, Nov.20, 1931

Dr. A.E.Stearns,
Phillips Academy,
Andover, Mass.,U.S.A.

Dear Dr. Stearns,

Your kind letter of October 14th with a copy of Kong’s account reached me a few days ago and I thank you deeply for your kindness of letting the account stand as it is until the exchange may turn more favorable. However, I wish to settle the matter and hearwith enclose a draft for U.S. $116, but I want to thank you for your thoughtfulness all the same.

Kong is now learning in an English news paper office for several hours a day under Mr. Hollington K. Tong, who is the Managing Director of the paper and whom you perhaps remember as he was my secretary during the trip around the world.

As to the situation in Manchuria we cherish no other hope than that justice will prevail and that right will overcome might.

I am glad that I am serving my Alma Mater and have an opportunity to do my bit for the country. I heartily thank you for your good wishes for my success.

I am looking forward to the time when we may meet again. I can find no words adequate enough to express my gratitude to you for having done so much for my son during his school days in the States.

With my best wishes to you and yours.

Very sincerely yours.


Admiral H.K. Tu


Phillips Academy


November 20, 1931


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