Letter from Alfred E. Stearns to C.Y. Sun, Tientsin, April 21, 1930


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Letter from Alfred E. Stearns to C.Y. Sun, Tientsin, April 21, 1930


Letter from Alfred E. Stearns to C.Y. Sun, Tientsin, April 21, 1930


My dear Mr. Sun:

I have received from the Dean of the Yale University School of Nursing, in response to my recent request, the following statement: "Miss Sun does not complete her course until February, 1931. Furthermore, she will not receive her degree until the following June at the regular Yale Commencement exercises. The University desires whenever it is at all possible that the students should receive their degrees at this time, and the School of Nursing very much prefers to have them do this." I take it from the above that you will wish Mary to remain until her course here is completed next year, even though you may not care to have her stay for the actual awarding of the degree in June. I should myself, however, desire to have her present at the degree awarding if this proves practicable, though I am not prepared to urge that point. Undoubtedly she would find plenty to keep her busy along the lines of her regular work from February to June should she remain for the commencement exercises.

Dean Goodrich adds the following also: "In case Mr. Sun desires his daughter to return to China during the vacation months, I think I should also inform you that our vacation periods extend over a month only which would not enable her to make the trip, nor do I believe in her case particularly it would be advisable to give her an extended leave of absence." My impression is that you would not wish Mary to return merely for a brief vacation with only a year of work ahead of her here and the prospect of returning to China for good at the end of that period. I shall await further instructions from you, however, before making any definite report to the Yale Nursing School authorities. Dean Goodrich adds further: "You will be, I am sure, glad to know that on the whole Miss Sun is doing very well. She has made up all but one of her deficiencies, and in the practical field she compares well with the other students." At the end of the letter Dean Goodrich says, "I have recently returned from a trip to the Orient, I had hoped that Mr. Sun would get in touch with me while in Peiping, as I understood his daughter had written him, but such was not the case."

I am sorry indeed that you did not have this opportunity to talk with Dean Goodrich in person, for I am sure that you would have welcomed the chance to secure this first-hand and intimate information about Mary and her work and progress at the Yale School of Nursing. Evidently Mary must have carelessly forgotten to write you.

I am enclosing a statement of the accounts of Tom and Mary to date. Your last remittance of three thousand dollars came to the Andover bank the latter part of February while I was abroad. It was credited to my account there, though I did not learn until a few days ago that the money had been received, and hence I had not entered it on the accounts of the children. This, however, has now been done, and the enclosed statement shows the accounts, including the remittance in question.

Tom has recently been making inquiries at both Harvard and Yale, and apparently has found at the latter institution the courses in Economics, International Law, Government, etc., which he desires. I think it more than likely, therefore, that we shall decide to let him continue his graduate studies at Yale for the coming year.

With kindest personal regards, believe me always

Very sincerely yours,


Alfred E. Stearns


Phillips Academy


April 21, 1930


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