Letter from Thomas Sun, Middlebury College, to Alfred E. Stearns, May 16, 1930


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Letter from Thomas Sun, Middlebury College, to Alfred E. Stearns, May 16, 1930


Letter from Thomas Sun, Middlebury College, to Alfred E. Stearns, May 16, 1930


My dear Dr. Stearns,

At this time each year, I am usually lost at sea as to where I should go during the summer. This year, I am even more so, Originally I planned to travel some the first part of the summer and very extensively toward august. But since there is no car at my disposal this summer, I had to abandon the idea. Now I am confronted with something new.

I usually go to summer school during the summer. But this summer I am not very anxious to do so. It may be that I have been to summer school three sumers [sic] while I was in school trying to catch up, and two summers while I am in college trying to get ahead. I think I have enough of it. What I like to do this summer is to go where I please. But there are other things to consider. I have to have French—a reading knowledge--by a year from this coming fall. I have been thinking of staying here for the French School. For that purpose I went to see the Dean of the school, and he told me that what they do mostly during the summer is to get a conversational knowledge rather than reading knowledge. So it is rather impractical to come to Middelbury [sic]. Mary asked several time to go to Ithaca with her and spend the summer with her. Ithaca may be a nice place, but there is nothing to offer me in the line of what I want. I also have thought of going to New York again, and stay at the International House and take lessons from a real Frenchman, and hope in that way to get a reading knowledge. I can not decide what I will do. I don’t like the city, especially during the summer, but it is the most practical. In this respect I seek your advise.

But I do wish I can travel this summer though. I received a letter from Mary a few days ago, and she seemed to be rather anxious about the car also. I have not written to her and tell her the consequences as yet.

One other thing that bothers me. In case if I do go to summer school, what will I do between the time after graduation and the time summer school starts? There are about six weeks there, and I surely can not pass those six weeks just sitting around. I have to do something. And furthermore what am to do during the time after summer school and before the regular session starts at Yale? There are again about six weeks there, and surely I do not want to sit around for twelve weeks. The result in which case will probably be that in the end I will be sitting in an insaned [sic] hospital. Please advise me concerning what I shall do. I am in such a desparate [sic] mood, I am ready to take most offers. This year is different for me. I am graduating this June, and therefore I can not stay in the Fraternity House after college closes as I have been doing in the past.

Can’t you see some way clear so that a car will be possible? It will help the situation a lot.

I have been busy trying to put out another issue of the "Circle", our official chapter publication. It has been rather hard until recently when I received some help from some of the brothers. I hope to have the paper in press to-morrow, and it probably come out Monday or Tuesday.

Please consider my situation and advice [sic] me accordingly.

Sincerely yours


Thomas Sun


Phillips Academy


May 16, 1930


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