Letter from Thomas Sun, Middlebury, Vermont, to Alfred E. Stearns, August 11, 1930


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Letter from Thomas Sun, Middlebury, Vermont, to Alfred E. Stearns, August 11, 1930


Letter from Thomas Sun, Middlebury, Vermont, to Alfred E. Stearns, August 11, 1930


My dear Mr. Stearns,

The summer school is drawing to a close and my plans for the rest of the time before Yale starts is complete. I plan to go down to New Haven right after summer school here for about a week to arrange for room as well as getting acquanted [sic] with the town and some of the professors as well. Then I think I will take a little vacation and a trip up through New Hampshire and Maine. I also want to go to see all my fraternity brothers.

You probably [know] the chief significance of this letter. I want some money to last through the rest of the summer. The car is rather expensive costing me three hundred and fifty when I bought it second hand. It was almost new being only ran 4000 miles. Then registration and insurance together cost me $43.80. That was the initial cost of the car, and believe me it is a good investment. I have seen quite a lot of the country during week-ends here around Vermont and nearby New York state and New Hampshire. Of course the repair bill amounts to quite a sum also. But all considered, I think I have received more from the money invested than anything I have ever experienced. It is really great.

Since May 28, I have received eight hundred and fifty dollars from you, and the following is an account of how I spent the money

Car 350.00
Registration 19.00
Insurance 24.80
Gas and oil 42.50
Repair 31.75
Rumble seat 34.00
Trip to Boston 20.00
D.U. Alumni Fund 10.00
Trip to New York 60.00
M Club dues 3.50
Middlebury French School 3.00 Board, five weeks 40.00
Laundry since May 28 18.45
White ducks $2.00
Mr. A.G. Hinman, Postmaster-28.00
Shoes, new and repairs, 13.00
Bathing suit 5.00
Filing cabinet 10.00
White linen knickers 4.50
Golf hose (2) 4.50
Tennis fees for French school-3.00 tennis racket restrung 6.00
French Books 7,00
General Expenditures since 5/28—20.00 Total 809.00
Balance on hand 41.

I have now only forty-one dollars on hand and still have the room and turtoring [sic] bills to pay besides two more weeks of board. I have been most ecomnomical [sic] this summer than I have ever been in the past. I put in one hundred and fifty dollars of the original money which you gave me and it is indeed a good investment. I have kept it in good condition, and in case if I want to sell it, I can get at least three hundred dollars for it and probably more. So it is really a good investment. Summer school has two more weeks to go. I will need the money ($200.00) within this week to meet the various bills which are coming. Room will cost twenty-five dollars, two weeks board will cost sixteen dollars, and turtoring [sic] lessons will come up to 42 dollars, which amount to altogether to eighty-three dollars. However the situation will [be] much relieved if you can send me the money at your earliest convenience--by the end of this week if possible.

I hope the account is satisfactory. I have a more detailed account if desired.

Sincerely yours


Thomas Sun


Phillips Academy


August 11, 1930


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