Letter from Thomas Sun, New Haven, Conn., to Alfred E. Stearns, November 8, 1930


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Letter from Thomas Sun, New Haven, Conn., to Alfred E. Stearns, November 8, 1930


Letter from Thomas Sun, New Haven, Conn., to Alfred E. Stearns, November 8, 1930


Dear Dr. Stearns,

I received your very good letter two days ago, and I am indeed thankful for what you said therein. As for the money part of it, I just merely mentioned for you to give me all the money as a pass word. It was a result of one of wondering thoughts from which I can not shake myself loose for a long time. However, I am a little better composed now, so you need not be alarmed over any more crazy ideas from me for quite some time.

I am beginning to get used to Yale and its surroundings. I came to the conclusion that I am not at all alone in my contentions and opinion of the University. Majority of the graduate students know no one except their most immediate friends, and this is true to a very large extent among the undergraduates also. So I am not the only lonesome one here. If they can stand it, I should think I ought to be able to do it also.

As I said in my last letter that I would be needing some more money in the near future, I am writing you this letter to ask you of that favor. I have told you that New Haven is a rather expensive place, especially when the university is in session. I encountered my heaviest expenses during the first few weeks here, when I was trying to get settled. Then I bought things which I thought essential. Now I am well stocked with whatever I need for the rest of the winter, I hope. The only thing I might need now is may be another winter suit. I don’t think I have to have that even. I have one now, and I think that will carry me throw all right. The following figures will give you a rough idea of how my expenses run: —

Typewriter- $60.00
Suit 45.00
Top-coat 35 .00
Hat, shoes, and gloves 18.00
Shirts, socks, ties, underwears—14.85
Laundry to date 10.18
Room-rent to date 45.00
Garage rent 24.00
Board averaging 10.60 per week 95.40
Tobacco, magazines, amusements---20.00
Football season ticket 8.00
2 Trips to New York-- 15.00
Gas and oil for oar— 5.25
Books, file cards, notebooks, card¬holders, official documents,etc ink, paper, stationary, and other supply 28.85
Toilet articles 2.50
Y.M.C.A. membership 15.00

The above is my total expenditures. I have now at this moment $207.93 on hand. As yet they have not sent my tuition to me, and they promised that I would receive the bill by the second week of this week, which will take at least $150.00 from what I have left. $150.00 is the regular tuition, and whether they will add anything onto it or not, I do not know, but I see no reason why they should. After I pay that, I will have 57.93 left, and I hope that will last me till the money which I hope you will send me comes. Send me whatever amount you wish. I am still a little green about expenses down here in New Haven. You sent me $650.00 last time. I think you know better than I do about it, although I have been down in New Haven for over two months. However, with Xmas vacation coming, I think the same amount will be about right. I will reserve my judgement for your better vision.

If I can receive the money within ten days or a week, my mind will rest easier, because I don’t know what turns up next. From what the physical examiner told me at the University Department of Health, I have to visit dentists, doc¬tors and whatnot. Whether or not I will obey their orders, I do not know. As yet I have had no trouble with my health whatsoever, and I see no reason why I should visit doctors when there nothing wrong with me. That will remain to be seen. At any rate, I do wish you can send me whatever sum you consider right in a week or ten days.

Very sincerely yours


Thomas Sun


Phillips Academy


November 8, 1930


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