Letter from Alfred Stearns to C.Y. Sun, Tientsin, September 12, 1923


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Letter from Alfred Stearns to C.Y. Sun, Tientsin, September 12, 1923


Letter from Alfred Stearns to C.Y. Sun, Tientsin, September 12, 1923


My dear Mr. Sun:

Your note of June 22nd reached me about the middle of the summer, when I was at my summer home in northern New Hampshire. It should have been acknowledged earlier but the summer found me unusually busy and I thought it best to wait until I returned to my desk at its close.

The draft of $5,000.00, referred to you in your letter, was duly received and acknowledged. It has been credited $1,000.00 each to your four children and Quincy Sheh, in accordance with your wishes.

The children appear to have had a happy and profitable summer. Arthur has been at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology summer camp. Charlie and Tom have been at my own boys' camp at the Connecticut Lake, and Mary has been a member of my household. Mary, I believe, has had a happier and more satisfactory summer than ever before. She has seemed unusually cheerful and contented and has show at almost all times a good spirit.

Arthur is returning to the Institute this month. Quincy Sheh is planning to enter Bowdoin College in Maine, one of the best of our smaller colleges. Tom and Charlie are to continue their work at Phillips Academy and Mary will go forward in the course at Abbot. I hope that this plan commends itself to you as the best one possible for the children, and I shall be ready, as I have always been in the past, to hear and adopt any suggestions for readjustment that you may deem it wise to make. I feel somewhat embarrassed at times by the responsibility which rests upon me to make decisions of this kind almost wholly on my own responsibility. I might add that all of the children are exceptionally well at the present time.

With warmest personal regards and best wishes to you and yours, believe me always

Very sincerely yours,


Alfred Stearns


Phillips Academy


September 12, 1923


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