Letter from Alfred Stearns to Chung Ying (C.Y.) Sun, Tientsin, June 25, 1923


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Letter from Alfred Stearns to Chung Ying (C.Y.) Sun, Tientsin, June 25, 1923


Letter from Alfred Stearns to Chung Ying (C.Y.) Sun, Tientsin, June 25, 1923


Dear Mr. Sun:

Thank you so much for your friendly and helpful letter of May 18th. I am glad to say that Mary’s attitude of late has shown a very marked and gratifying improvement. I think she has really been trying hard to make amends for the mistakes of the past and to prove by her actions and spirit that she is truly sorry and making an earnest effort to correct the weaknesses that have disturbed us. Arthur came out for a day or two recently and he feels that there has been a marked gain. We are not yet quite certain what the best course to pursue for next year is, but Arthur expresses a strong feeling that he would prefer to have Mary stay at the house another year and continue the work at Abbot Academy as a day pupil, rather than change schools again and start out in a totally new environment. I shall give the problem my most careful thought, for my wish is to do only what is distinctly the best for Mary herself, and regardless of every other consideration.

The rest of the family are getting on nicely and have come through the year’s work with very satisfactory progress. They will leave for the Lake in a day or two, where I am making special arrangements for their care and oversight until the camp formally opens the latter part of July. The period between the closing of school and the opening of camp is always a difficult one to handle satisfactorily.

The draft for $5,000.00 referred to in your letter reached me recently, and was credited at once to the accounts of your four children and Quincey Sheh; $1,000.00 to each. A statement of the accounts to date will be sent you during the summer.

With my warmest personal regards, believe me always,

Very sincerely yours,


Alfred Stearns


Phillips Academy


June 25, 1923


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