Letter from Charles Sun to Dr. Stearns, February 19, 1926


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Letter from Charles Sun to Dr. Stearns, February 19, 1926


Letter from Charles Sun to Dr. Stearns, February 19, 1926


Typed letter sent from Charles Sun to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns about a letter Mary sent to Charles. States Mary has written to her father, asking to return home. Explains the last time Mary requested to go home, his father stated 'she could return, but it will be his death'. States Mary has threatened suicide if not allowed to return to China. Asks Stearns to write his father a letter to lessen the shock of Mary's letter.


35 Woodside Ave Amherst, Mass.
Feb. 19, 1926

Dear Dr. Stearns:

Mary wrote me a terrible letter four days ago; it causes me to lay bare some family trouble that we are having; I do this:r hoping perhaps you can help me.

In her letter Mary told me about her change of school and her unwillingness. She said that she is very lonesome and that she wants to go home; so very foolishly she wrote to my Father again asking to be permitted to go home. Last fall when father refused for the fourth time Mary’s request, he wrote me something that made my hair to rise up. He wrote, “If she(Mary) insists on coming home, she may, but her day of arrival at home will be the day of my death.” This, however, is not all, for Mary on the other hand threatened me in her letter with suicide in case father will not let her return China. 0, Dr. Stearns, what am I to do? In this perplexing state I beg you to write to my father a letter so phrased that it will smooth the shock which he will surely receive from Mary’s letter. I have written him myself, and I urged Arthur and Tom to do likewise, but a word from you is worth all that we three can; so I sincerely hope that you will do something to release us from this chaos.

There is no need of burdening Miss Clemons with what I have tell you in this letter, and I hope that you will not acquaint her of this matter unless you think it very necessary.

Faithfully yours,
Charles Sun


Charles Sun


Phillips Academy


February 19, 1926


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