Letter from Charles Sun to Dr. A.E. Stearns, March 22, 1926


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Letter from Charles Sun to Dr. A.E. Stearns, March 22, 1926


Letter from Charles Sun to Dr. A.E. Stearns, March 22, 1926


Typed letter sent from Charles Sun to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns. Requests additional money. Wants to take a job in restaurant to make up for extra money spent in the fall. Asks about the flu epidemic at Andover. States flu and scarlet fever hit his school. States dogs have suffered hydrophobia, biting several children. Asks how Mary is doing, since he hasn't heard much from her.


35 Woodside Ave Amherst, Mass.
March 22, 1926

Dear Dr. Stearns:

Next week I shall be very busy with my examinations; so
I thought it will be well for me to write a letter now. My money is decreasing add I beg you to send my allowce for the spring term. This time three hundred dollars ought to do the work; I spent too much last fall and I like to make it up a little somehow. Next year, as you know, the college is going to have a restaurant of its own, and I have been thinking of working there. Do you think it is advisable? It wont be too much; other fellows do it all right; I don’t see why I can’t. In case it gets to be troublesome to my studies, I will drop the job, and I am sure there will be others to fill my place; so it will not be deserting the college.

I heard from Prof Eastman that there has been an epidemic of inluenza at Andover; I hope that you are all well. I have not heard from Tom for quite a while, but I imagine he is all right too. In Amherst we not only had the flu but a little scharlet fever also; I luckily escape both thus far. Diseases not only attacked men alone but animals also, for the dogs around town here are many victims of hydrophobia. Several children were bitten but there were no serious consequences. Just today another dog got loose of charged a little girl and the policeman had to shoot it.

Have you heard from Mary lately? I wrote her a good long letter in respond to her threatening message from Whittier School, later I sent her a card on her birthday, out I heard not a word from her. I don’t what is up now. She is really a mystry to me.

Yours truly,
Charlie Sun


Charles Sun


Phillips Academy


March 22, 1926


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