Letter from Charles Sun to Dr. Stearns, March 25, 1926


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Letter from Charles Sun to Dr. Stearns, March 25, 1926


Letter from Charles Sun to Dr. Stearns, March 25, 1926


Typed letter sent from Charles Sun to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns. States the trip to Washington will lift Mary's spirits. Decided not to take restaurant job. Planned to spend Easter vacation at Amehurst. Worried about conflict between seeing Mr. Robinson and honoring engagements with friends. Plans to visit Boston with friend from Hamilton and visit Andover. Asks when Mr. Robinson is visiting and if he is definitely visiting Andover. Is busy preparing for exams before spring vacation.


35 Woodside Ave.
Amherst, Mass.
March 25, 1926
Dr. A. E. Stearns
6 Chapel Avenue
Andover, Mass.

Dear Dr. Stearns:

Thank you, Sir, for your letter and the check for $3OO.OO; enclosed in this envelope you will find the receipt. I am glad to hear that Mary is getting on well in her school. A trip to Washington, I think, will do her good, for she has never travelled as much as we, boys, have, and her long confinement at one place might have been the cause of her irritations. But it was very Lind of you to make a special journey to Dr. Sze just for Mary; so please let me thank you on Mary’s behalf.

Since it is your wish that I would do better in not taking a job at the new restaurant, I have given up the idea. It never occurred to me for a minute that I would be robbing a chance from some boy who needed the money more than I; I was very selfish to have ever had the intention of working. Thank you for pointing the fact out to me.

For quite a while before the approach of the Easter vacation I have been planning to spent the days quietly at Amherst, where I would find company in two of my college mates and a friend of mine who is to come from Hamilton College to visit me here. Now that Mr. Robinson is coming to Andover it would seem very rude of me in not seeing him who came all the way from China to see us. But on the other hand I must keep my engagement with my friend from Hamilton. The thing to do is this: When my friend arrives here, I will try to persuade him to visite Boston. Then Arthur or rather some Chinese friend of mine at M. I. T can entertain my friend for a day or so; while I myself will come to Andover. One thing, however, is not yet clear and that is when Mr. Robins is coming and is he sure to go to Andover. I would be glad to learn about these things in order to make certain necessary arrangements.

In six days we shall have our Spring recess, but before then we must pay for it with examinations, which are beginning to arrive already. This week and the remainder of the next I will be busy, but after that time I shall be able to make a longer and preciser report about my-self.

Sincerely yours,


Charles Sun


Phillips Academy


March 25, 1926


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