Letter from Charles Sun to Dr. Stearns, March 29, 1926


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Letter from Charles Sun to Dr. Stearns, March 29, 1926


Letter from Charles Sun to Dr. Stearns, March 29, 1926


Typed letter sent from Charles Sun to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns about spring vacation in Washington. States he doesn't like visiting Washington. Believes Arthur to be the better choice to accompany Mary. States if Arthur is unable to go, he will go. Asks if the visit limited to 3 days or if a friend could accompany him. Wrote to Arthur about the matter.


35 Wood.
Amherst, Mass.
March 29, 1926

Dear Dr. Stearns:

Your letter which I received this afternoon distressed me as much as I mine did you and probably more. I must tell you frankly idea of spending another vacation in Washington horrifies me. Two years ago Christmas Dr. and Mrs. Sze invited us to the legation giving the finest treatment that any host could give and Washington too is a beautiful city itself, but for some reason unknown even to myself I dislike to go there with great abhorrence. To spend my vacation there will tired me instead of resting me, for I found it so two years ago. All this I say but I don’t mean to refuse your request entirely; rather I wish to compromise.

First I suggest Arthur would go in my stead; because he knows a lot more about what my father wishes Mary to do. My father has never mentioned a word to me in any of his letters to me along or to us about his plans regarding Mary; so it will not only put me in a very uncomfortable mood to go to Washington but it will be useless for me to go. But Arthur may not be able to go; then I will have to go. Please tell me also if you could make my visite not more than three days in lenghth and that I might be allowed to bring a friend with me if he is willing to go. However, I hope Arthur will go; if he cannot, then the latter will have to be followed, but pardon me for saying it: "I will go with no wish of mine.”

I have written to Arthur, whom I begged to wire you as soon as he receives my letter whether he wishes to go or not.

Yours truly


Charles Sun


Phillips Academy


March 29, 1926


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