Letter from Dr. Albert E.Stearns to Miss Mary Sun, April 5, 1926


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Letter from Dr. Albert E.Stearns to Miss Mary Sun, April 5, 1926


Letter from Dr. Albert E.Stearns to Miss Mary Sun, April 5, 1926


Typed letter sent from Dr. Alfred E. Stearns to Miss Mary Sun. States he wired the money to Dr. Sze. Questions why $60.00 is needed, even if Charlie runs short. Advises Mary to keep expenses low, after the change of schools and course. States focus should be on preparing for college and extra vacations would intefere with that.


April 5, 1926
Miss Mary Sun
The Chinese Legation Washington, V. C.

Deer Mary:

I have your letters of recent date and the accompanying letter of Mrs. Bridgman to Mr.Sze. This morning I wired Mr.Sze money in response to your request, though I can’t quite understand why the extra money is going to be needed in view of the earlier remittance sent you. Even though Charlie may run a little short, sixty dollars seems an absurdly large amount under the circumstances, and I am particularly concerned because of the excessive expense which your father has had to face already in connection with the change of school and plan of study. It is absolutely necessary for you to keep every expense just now down to the least possible limit, and the Washington trip must be included in this plan.

I have wired both you and Mr. Sze explaining that extra visits just now should not be undertaken because of the big task we have on our hands to get you ready for college in the shortest reasonable time. Your scheduled vacation is more than generous, and I find from talking with Mrs. Russell that she is all ready to set you at work at once and before the actual term opens. I have told her, therefore, that I would arrange for you to go directly back after the Washington visit, for I am sure that a few days of extra work will help us in accomplishing the purpose outlined by your father. Just let me know in advance when you expect to reach Andover, and make it as seem as you can so that we can plan accordingly. The roads are good here now, and I can doubtless run you over myself to Merrimac and so save at least one little item of extra expense.

Very sincerely yours,


Dr. Alfred E. Stearns


Phillips Academy


April 5, 1926


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