Letter from Dr. Alfred E. Stearns to Mr. Arthur Sun, April 30, 1926


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Letter from Dr. Alfred E. Stearns to Mr. Arthur Sun, April 30, 1926


Letter from Dr. Alfred E. Stearns to Mr. Arthur Sun, April 30, 1926


Typed letter sent from Dr. Alfred E. Stearns to Mr. Arthur Sun. States bills will be covered and asks for clarification on a bookstore bill. Provides updates on Mary's well-being and progress. Discusses a letter sent by his father and Mr. Sze about Mary's education. Mentions Mr. C.Y. Sun's response to current events in China.


April 30, 1926
Mr. Arthur Sun
93 Tech Dormitory
Cambridge, Mass.

Dear Arthur:

I have your letter of April 28 and the accompanying bills.
The latter will be settled promptly.

I do not understand about the Cooperative bookstore bill.
for I sent a check to cover that at least a week or ten days ago. If the chock has not been received, please let me know.
I am enclosing a check for the May allowances, as requested.
The last reports I have had from Mary and Mrs. Russell indicate that Mary is working- hard, is getting some good results, and is apparently increasingly contented. I think that she is really looking forward now to the college course, and I am sure that she will get mush cut of it.

Mr. Sze and I are both agreed that a smaller college, like Emira out in New York State, represents the type of institution that would do most for a girl of Mary’s tastes and caliber.

This morning’s mail brings me a letter from Mr Sze, enclosing a letter he had just received from your father. He also gives me a copy of a cablegram which he had recently sent to your father, and it now seems as if we all understood each other and were in agreement as to the course adopted and that still to be followed for Mary. Mr. Sze himself has kindly taken up the matter of Mary’s admission at Emira, for one of his wards or relatives is already a student there and he, himself, has close personal friends (on the faculty

What a time your countrymen are having these Lays? Your father in his letter to Mr.Sze speaks of the exciting times in China as quite unparalleled in any previous experience”. He speaks of a strain on his nerves, and I don’t wander that such a strain exists under circumstances. Apparently no one seems to know just what is ahead.

With all good wishes to you, believe me
Faithfully yours,


Dr. Alfred E. Stearns


Phillips Academy


April 30, 1926


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