Letter from Sister Mary Antony, St. Mary's School, Peekskill, New York, to Alfred E. Stearns , December 7, 1928


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Letter from Sister Mary Antony, St. Mary's School, Peekskill, New York, to Alfred E. Stearns , December 7, 1928


Letter from Sister Mary Antony, St. Mary's School, Peekskill, New York, to Alfred E. Stearns , December 7, 1928


My dear Dr. Stearns:

I am in receipt of your letter of December 5th in regard to Helen’s Christmas holidays. I shall be very glad to have her spend the time here if she could be happy in so doing. We will probably have four other children, so that she would not be alone. Whenever any children spend their vacations here we make a special point of planning something for their interest and amusement.

It will be possible to send Helen to New York for several days to visit the museums and other places of interest. I think that she would enjoy doing this.

If this plan meets with your approval I shall be only too glad to do anything that I can for Helen for she has been a very acceptable member of our household. She has been very conscientious in her work and in carrying out every school regulation. We have all enjoyed having her here.

If it seems best to you for her to spend a part of her holiday in South Weymouth I think it could be so arranged that she could have company to Boston. If she went the day school closes she would have the companionship of several other pupils on their way to different points in New England. Soon after Christmas I shall probably go to Boston for a week, possibly longer. I think a trip to Boston could be planned quite satisfactorily for Helen.

I am enclosing Helen's report, which should have gone to you sooner. I think, on the whole, that it is a very good one, considering her handicap in the point of English. Her vocabulary is not large and in both History and English she finds difficulty oftentimes in meeting the requirements. One of the teachers of English has taken Helen by herself and I am sure has been a great assistance in the general understanding of the work in English.

I allowed Helen to go with a party of girls to hear Harold Bauer, which proved a most interesting afternoon for her.

I shall welcome any suggestions that you have in connection with her work or her care.

I am enclosing the vacation notice which is sent out to the parents and guardians.

Very sincerely,

Sister Superior, C.S.M.

Reports are sent to the parents at the close of each term.
The terms for the year 1828-1829 encl:
First Term November 17
Second Term February 1
Third Term March 28
Fourth Term June 9
If the report is not received within ten days after the close of the term, please notify the school.
Peekskill, N. Y.
December 4, 1928
My dear Dr. Stearns:
The vacation begins Thursday, December..20

We will put your ward on the train arriving at the Grand
Central Station at...9.15 a.m on Dec.20
She will be chaperoned across the city and will take the train leaving and arriving
Will you kindly notify us that she will be met or let us know if you wish to make other arrangements for her? Please acknowledge receipt of this notice by XX at your earliest convenience
Pupils who live at a distance are not permitted to remain in New York nor to cross the city unchaperoned.
School re-opens Monday. Jan.. 7
A special car will leave the Grand Central Station at 4.03
Pupils are expected to take the special car: otherwise the school must be notified of the train by which pupil will arrive.
Yours sincerely,



Sister Mary Antony


Phillips Academy


December 7, 1928


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