Letter from Alfred E. Stearns to Tsai Kuo Tsao, Tientsin, September 8, 1920

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Letter from Alfred E. Stearns to Tsai Kuo Tsao, Tientsin, September 8, 1920


Letter from Alfred E. Stearns to Tsai Kuo Tsao, Tientsin, September 8, 1920


8 September, 1920.
Mr.Tsai, Kuo Tsao
5 Race Course Road,
Tientsin, China.

My dear Tsai:

Your interesting letter of July 30th is before me. Accept my humble apologies for the mistake which I appear to have made in assigning a new wife to you. I can’t recall now who it was that told me that you had married, but it was one of your countrymen and my good friends who made the blunder, or who permitted me to make; I cannot say which. Anyway I am sorry and I trust that no harm has been done. You see I naturally assumed that there would be so many claimants for your hand that you could not remain single long - all of which should be taken as complimentary rather than the reverse.

Don’t worry about the Alunni Fund campaign. We have more than reached our goal, so that the actual money is not needed at this time; though, of course, the school will profit by all It can secure. What I was most concerned about was that in this campaign the really International Character of the school, which I believe is unique among perhaps all schools of America, should be emphasized; and I felt that If we could announce a contribution from our alunni in China, however, small the amount, it would mean a lot to all concerned. I don’t care, therefore, whether the sum in question should amount to $5.00 or $5,000.00, provided the opportunity were given us to make formal notice of the fact that the loyalty of our old Andover boys in China, of whom you know there are now many, had prompted them to send in a contribution from the other side of the world.

I think that before long I shall have to give up my American connections and become a naturalized Chinese citizen, residing abroad. Only a for days ago I received a letter from our good friend, M. C. Liang, advising me that either six or seven Chinese boys and girls were to arrive in Andover some time this month; and that during their stay in America, where they are to secure their education, they were to be absolutely under my authority and charge. This is a pretty big responsibility, but I cannot help being immensely touched by the confidence which Mr. Liang's decision implies; and I shall, of course, be ready and glad to give to the undertaking my very best wisdom and thought.

Your young brother continues to make a good record and good friends wherever he goes. He has done excellent work at the summer camp where he has been this summer; and I expect to see him back here again within a few days.The Andover record this coming year ought to be even stronger than the one of the year just passed.

Please remember me to the other members of your good family and any other of my friends Whom you may happen to run across in China, and believe me always, with sincere regards,

Faithfully yours


Alfred E. Stearns


Phillips Academy


September 8, 1920


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