Letter from Tsai Shou Kie, Tientsin, to Dr. A. E. Stearns, August 31, 1921

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Letter from Tsai Shou Kie, Tientsin, to Dr. A. E. Stearns, August 31, 1921


Letter from Tsai Shou Kie, Tientsin, to Dr. A. E. Stearns, August 31, 1921


5 Race Course Road
Tientsin,China August 31, 1921.
Dr. A.E.Stearns
Phillips Academy
Andover, Mass.U.S.A.

Dear Dr. Stearns,

I enclose draft for $1600.00 U.S.Currency for the expenses of my son Kuo Fang. Please acknowledge receipt of this in your next letter. I hope Kuo Fang is getting along all right and not giving you too much trouble.

From what I hear, he is progressing nicely,thanks no doubt to your kind supervision. His letters indicate that he is quite happy and enjoying himself. He writes of his visiting Mr. Wickham of Hartford, my old schoolmate, and of their going to a circus' together and so forth. I am glad to notice the great improvement in his English. He also writes of playing football and other games, and I therefore rest assured that you are making a regular man out of him.

By the way, I sent you a photograph through Mr.Wickham some time ago. I wonder if you have received it yet. Mr. Wickham was in China a few months ago, so you might find it interesting to talk with him about present conditions in China if you should happen to run across him.

Right in the wake of the great famine came heavy rainfall and floods. We are now seriously afflicted with floods in several sections of the country. Some portions of our railroads have to suspend traffic on this account.

We also have with us resumed fighting in Hupeh, Hunan and Kwangsi, and we do not know what the outcome will be.

But we are looking forward with great expectations to the coming Pacific Conference in your country, and we hope that we with the help of your people we shall ultimately procure rights and justice in our international affairs.

Wishing you a most successful school year, and thanking you for all that you are doing for my son,

I remain,
Yours sincerely,

Tsai Shou Kie
Yours sincerely,


Tsai Shou Kie


Phillips Academy


August 31, 1921


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