Letter from Tsai Shou Kie, Tientsin, to Dr. A. E. Stearns, August 24, 1922

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Letter from Tsai Shou Kie, Tientsin, to Dr. A. E. Stearns, August 24, 1922


Letter from Tsai Shou Kie, Tientsin, to Dr. A. E. Stearns, August 24, 1922


Dr. A. E. Stearns, Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass.

35 Racecourse Road, Tientsin, China.
August 24, 1922.

Dear Dr. Stearns:

I enclose herewith Draft, payable to your order and drawn on the International Banking Corporation, for the sum of Sixteen Hundred ($1600.00) Gold Dollars, and shall be glad to have the amount credited to Kuo Fang’s account for his school and other expenses.

He has been writing home very frequently, and I am quite satisfied with the progress he is making in his studies in view of the after-effects of his operation for appendicitis. In all his letters, he never fails to mention of the paternal interest you take in him, and for which I wish to express my profound appreciation and thankfulness.

Notwithstanding the ups and downs of events which are transpiring in Peking and other centres, as you may be informed by the Press accounts, the people are going on with their daily occupations as usual. I am very optimistic that sooner or later we shall have a Government worthy of its name. The conditions now prevailing are comparable to those in France during the early years of the French Republic.

I believe Kuo Fang has told you that his brother Kuo-pao is the father of a baby girl, age one and one-half year. Her name is Edith, and she is such a sweet and darling child, now able to walk and beginning to learn to talk.

Besides my two sons and son-in-law, Y.S.Wong, I have living with me another Andoverite, who,I understand during his four years under your guardianship, was a great pride to the school and to you personally. He is Tommy Y.C.Lee, and has been staying with us for nearly two years. He has grown not in height but in dimension, being as tall as he is broad. He joins with the others and myself in sending our fondest remembrance and kind regards to you.

Very sincerely yours,


Tsai Shou Kie


Phillips Academy


August 24, 1922


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