Letter from Tsai Shou Kie, Tientsin, to Alfred E. Stearns, March 22, 1923

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Letter from Tsai Shou Kie, Tientsin, to Alfred E. Stearns, March 22, 1923


Letter from Tsai Shou Kie, Tientsin, to Alfred E. Stearns, March 22, 1923


35 Racecourse Road
Tientsin,China,March 22, 1923

Dear Dr. Stearns:

I have for acknowledgment your letter informing me of the decision of the faculty in having Kuo Fang to withdraw from school owing to his poor scholarship records. I and his brothers were very sorry to hear of his failure to measure up to the Andover standards, and hope you will forgive us in having in the first place thrust upon your guardianship such a ward, who has been such a disappointment. Please rest assured that we appreciate, as only those who have come under your influence and tutelage can appreciate, the deep interest which you and the Faculty have manifested towards the boy.

As I understand from Mr. Wickham of Hartford, the boy has already gone to Keene, N.H. , presumably to the Stearns’ School, where he was last year after the operation. If he is there and under your brother’s care and supervision, he will be very well looked after. I have already written very strongly urging him to make good and to show himself worthy of further expectations from his teachers and friends, who have taken so much interest in him in the past.

I fully realize that his foundation, in subjects other than Chinese, is very sandy and poor, but in spite of such habdicaps I have discerned decidedly wonderful improvement in his English, for which I have to thank you and your colleague of the Academy. I have decided to give him another chance, and hope you will be able to find a smaller school for him. The Stearns’ School in New Hampshire will probably be the best place for him now until the end of the school year.

In sending him to the States, I never entertained the thought of his ever taking a full collegiate course on account of his poor foundation. All that was expected of him was to acquire sufficient secondary education in order to enable him to take up business training, either experience to be acquired by working or by attending some business school. In spite of your disappointment of the boy, I hope you will continue to take an interest in moulding his future career, as you have done for Kuo-tsao and Kuo-pao.

I hope you will agree with me that the best course for him to follow between now and the end of the school year is to remain in the Stearns’ School. As for next year, I shall await your advice before anything else is done.

Kuo-tsao and Kuo-pao join me in sending their kindest regards and best wishes to. you.

Very sincerely yours

Tsai Shou Kie
Phillips Academy,
Andover,Mass. U.S.A.


Tsai Shou Kie


Phillips Academy


March 22, 1923


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