Letter from Alfred E. Stearns to Tsai Shou Kie, Tientsin, June 2, 1924

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Letter from Alfred E. Stearns to Tsai Shou Kie, Tientsin, June 2, 1924


Letter from Alfred E. Stearns to Tsai Shou Kie, Tientsin, June 2, 1924


June 2, 1924
Mr. Tsai Shou Kie
81 Council Road
Tientsin, China

My dear Mr. Tsai:

Thank you for your kind letter or April 26. The two thousand dollars ($2,000) referred to was duly received and credited to Kuo Fang’s account. This leaves him a generous balance at the present time, though I find it very hard to induce the boy to keep his expenses down to the normal level. I don’t think he means to be extravagant, but money slips through his fingers like water through a sieve.

I note your desire that Kao Fang shall go home with his brother after the closing of the current school year. Two days ago Kuo Fang brought me a telegram from Kuo Tsao’s wife calling at attention to her husband’s illness in New York. I approved at once of the plan to have Kuo Fang go to New York and see his brother in person in order to be sure that everything possible was being done for his welfare. I told him, too, that I should expect him to advise me promptly if my presence there would be of any possible help. I further instructed him to notify Mr.Wickham, for I feel sure that he would be just the one to see that everything was done for Kuo Tsao if his condition rendered special care necessary.

Kuo Fang returned last night and tells me that he finds his brother much better, though he is still confined to his bed. He also advises me that the best of medical at ention was being given the boy. I shall endeavor to keep as closely in touch with the situation as possible in order to be assured that the boy is having every attention and care that can be secured, though I judge from the last report that he is now well on the road to recovery.

With warmest personal regard, believe me

Very sincerely yours,


Alfred E. Stearns


Phillips Academy


June 2, 1924


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