Letter from Alfred E. Stearns to Kuo Fang (Charlie) Tsai, Tientsin, May 18, 1926

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Letter from Alfred E. Stearns to Kuo Fang (Charlie) Tsai, Tientsin, May 18, 1926


Letter from Alfred E. Stearns to Kuo Fang (Charlie) Tsai, Tientsin, May 18, 1926


May 18, 1926
Mr. K. F. Tsai
61 Council Road Tientsin, China

Dear Charlie Tsai:

So you are once more back in the home land. Well, I congratulate you, though I am not sure that in its present chaotic condition China is for the moment the best place to be, even for one of its own countrymen. Tientsin, too, seems to have come in for a little more than its fair share of unrest and anxiety. I do hope that the trouble will speedily blow over and that your Ship of State will settle down on an even keel with a strong hand on the helm. That is what China needs, apparently, to do.

I am sorry indeed to hear of Wong’s death. I remember that boy exceptionally well and was very fond of him. He had splendid ability, too, and always seemed to me to be a fellow of real premise.

Things are running about as usual here. The baseball team looked pretty poor at the beginning of the season, but our now coach, Mr. Merewether of Brown,has done wonders with them, and I am not sure but that we shall be able to give our Exeter friends a good tussle after all. The track team is one of the best we have had for years. They won the Harvard Interscholastic Meet last Saturday by a great big margin; Exeter was a poor third. Even so, of course, the meet with Exeter may be close, as we know from past experience. Weicker threw the discus way beyond Brandenberg’s record and to a distance that will make even collegians take note. Two of our men cleared the bar in the high jump in the recent Harvard Freshmen Meet at a height of- 5 feet 11 7/8 inches. So you see we have some pretty good performers. Only a month more and the College Hoard examinations will be on us and another year charged up to history. Where the time all goes to it is hard to say.

Give my warmest greetings and good wishes to your brothers and father and all the rest of the circle, please, and believe me. In spite of the tiffs we have had from time to time in the past,
Always sincerely your good friend.



Alfred E. Stearns


Phillips Academy


May 18, 1926


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