Letter from C.Y.Sun to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns, June 4, 1933


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Letter from C.Y.Sun to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns, June 4, 1933


Letter from C.Y.Sun to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns, June 4, 1933


25 Wellington Road
Tientsin, North China.
4th June, 1933

My dear Dr. Stearns,

Your kind letter of the 10th of Feb. reached me at a time when one’s mind is filled with wandering thoughts of the present situation in the Far East. Henee, I hope that the tardiness of this reply may be pardoned.

Your retirement from active service to the far famed Andover Academy must be a deep regret to the school and a loser to the Educational World. It will not be wrong to say that the school as a unit grew from the result of your pains-taking care year after year it is what is to-day. It is a school culminating the faithful services rendered to it by you. And now it is known and famed not only in the United States, but throughout the world.

I can fully imagine that your resignation from the school must be a case much against your wish. But speaking from a sentimental view point, you can now sit back and enjoy the sight of young men hurrying everywhere in the world sharing the duty of good citizenship. You can also enjoy to see them, because of your efforts and long service, go out into the world to demonstrate the name of the "house that Dr. Stearns built." It is a feeling of pride in one’s heart that those young men in every way owe their education to their beloved and revered Head-Master Emeritus.
I trust that you have fully recovered from your operation and that you enjoyed your trip to the Continent. It is a well deserved rest and trip and I am sure that you derived every benefit from it.

All my children join me to extend you our most sincere and warmest greetings.

Most sincerely yours




Phillips Academy


June 4, 1933


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