Letter from C.Y.Sun to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns, December 1932


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Letter from C.Y.Sun to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns, December 1932


Letter from C.Y.Sun to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns, December 1932


Chinese-Foreign Famine Relief Committee
12 Junkee Road,
December, 1932

I am extremely happy to learn through your very good letter of the 9th of October that you are being allowed one year’s leave of absence and that you are taking that opportunity to travel leisurely through Europe to further recuperate your health. I hope most sincerely that by the time you return to duty you will be able to render your valuable service in the same old energetic fashion.

Through these years, I can not forget nor know how to repay the invaluable deeds you had done to educate my children, to bring them up and round them into manhood. whatever I do is so insignificant comparing to the gratitude I have in my heart for you. I will not try to repay you, because I know it is beyond the power of word, nor is it within my material power. But I do want to express to you that deep down in my heart, and in the heart of all my children, there is a sense of appreciation and gratitude that defies explanation. Therefore I beg of you to be ever so kind to receive the four boxes of tea which I am sending to you under separate cover with the understanding that they come from the bottom of our hearts. And with every drop you drink of it, you can assure yourself that we have no other means of thanking you except to let you know that we do want to thank you.

As you will notice by my address that I am still down in Shanghai doing the relief work of which I am so fond. However, I expect to wind up whatever business I have down here and return North for a rest. All the children are doing their bit, and I am sure that it is your joy as well as mine to see them succeed where so many became disheartened.

I shall feel very guilty if you think this letter is deserving of a reply. I do not want to disturb your vacation in the least. I shall feel happy if you only know that we think of you and greatly concerned over your well-being.

Ever sincerely yours




Phillips Academy


December 1932


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