Letter from Edwin V. Spooner to Oswald Tower, August 15, 1924


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Letter from Edwin V. Spooner to Oswald Tower, August 15, 1924


Letter from Edwin V. Spooner to Oswald Tower, August 15, 1924


Typed letter from Edwin V. Spooner to Oswald Tower requesting advice on the financial situation regarding Y.S. Tseng. Long Lake Lodge is unable to access Tseng's guardian who is responsible for handling Tseng's bills. Despite this, Tseng appears to have a large reserve of cash and is known in town for profligate spending. Spooner suspects that Tseng is receiving money from his guardian and rather than using the money on his tuition bills, is spending it on himself.


Aug. 15, 1924
Mr. Oswald Tower,
Phillips Academy,
Andover, Mass

My dear Mr. Tower:—

At Mr. Hinman’s request I am writing for advice regarding our procedure with Y. S. Tseng who is with us at camp this summer. We are unable to connect with the person who is financially responsible for Tseng’s bills. If he were an American boy we should have sent him home early in the summer but realizing that he is in a foreign land and that he apparently has no place to go, we have kept him along rather than to turn him loose. The aggravating thing it that the boy seems to have a very abundant supply of ready money and we are wondering if he has not been given by his guardian the money for his tuition expenses and has not kept it for his own use. He has certainly made an impression in the neighborhood as a very liberal spender. We feel that he is concealing the proper address of his guardian or whoever handles his finances in this country and Mr. Hinman asked me to write you for advices or suggestions. Any assistance you can give us will, I assure you, be appreciated.

As for his studies, the boy has done good work and for a number of weeks during the summer has been on the camp Honor Roll. He has, however, shown only a slight understanding of American business procedure and we are getting rather tired of his methods.

The summer is going very pleasantly with us and we are making the most of the closing weeks of our session. I am sorry that you were unable to run up and see the plant in full operation and hope that you will be able to do so at no distant date.

Very truly yours


Edwin V. Spooner


Phillips Academy


August 15, 1924


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