Letter from Yung Nyi Chang to Mr. Alfred E. Stearns, August 28, 1922


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Letter from Yung Nyi Chang to Mr. Alfred E. Stearns, August 28, 1922


Letter from Yung Nyi Chang to Mr. Alfred E. Stearns, August 28, 1922


Typed letter from Yung Nyi Chang to Mr. Alfred E. Stearns detailing to Stearns the excitement over his son's recent visit to China and plans to return to America in two weeks for further education at New Haven. Also details to Stearns how he transfers his son's monthly allowance to him from China via New York City.


August 28,1922

Mr. Alfred E. Stearns,
Phillips Academy, Andover,
Mass., U.S.A.

My dear Mr. Stearns:

The return of my son Sinley from America after a departure of three years has brought us a great happiness. To my greatest pleasure I find that he is in very good health and has improved in his intellect. Indeed, American education has done him good. I wish to thank you heartily for your guardianship and instructions which, I firmly believe, can not be excelled.

He is coming back to America about two weeks from now and will be in New Haven at the end of next month. During this trip I am trying to make him study the conditions and developments of this country to help him to decide his future work.

I must regret for not having mentioned to you the way I send my son allowances so long you have been his guardian. I have been sending remittances three or four times a year through the British- American Tobacco Company in Shanghai to the same office in New York and asking them to send to my son $200 at the end of every month. I find that their service has been satisfactory. My idea is to let my son have some knowledge of economics by learning to keep his own account, and in the past years he has proved himself capable to do so.

We are satisfied with what he has done in America. It is our desire and hope that he will finish his college work in a still better way than he has done, and we have no doubt that you will constantly guide him and give him instructions to enable him to better understand the meaning of life.

I am now heading the Industrial Development Bank of China having head office at Peking. The political prospect is brighter, and we all hope that the time may not be distant when China will be united under a strong government like the one you are enjoying in your country.

Although I have never been in America, I have learned many a wonderful thing about her from friends and recently from my son. I hope to make a trip some day.

I shall be very glad to hear from you.

With best regards,

I remain,
Sincerely yours,


Yung Nyi Chang


Phillips Academy


August 28, 1922


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