Letter from Chang Pah Lung to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns, July 30, 1920


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Letter from Chang Pah Lung to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns, July 30, 1920


Letter from Chang Pah Lung to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns, July 30, 1920


Typed letter from Chang Pah Lung to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns thanking Stearns for the admittance of his son, Chang Shao-Ling, to Phillips Academy and the kindnesses shown by Stearns in housing his son in Stearns' own household.


Dear Dr. Stearns:

Since I wrote you on 28th instant as per copy enclosed, Mr. M. T. Liang has shown me your most obliging letter of 21st ultimo relative to my son, Chang Shao Ling. (This is the Chinese way of writing his name, Chang being his family name and Shao-ling, his personal name. If written in your way, it should be Shao-ling Chang or S. L. Chang. As he will be shortly among the American boys, he is now named Harvey S. L. Chang. Please also note that my name, if written in your way. should be Pah-lung Chang or P. L. Chang.

You have said that in spite of many earlier applications fay admittance, you would admit Harvey S. L. Chang to your esteemed school and that in view of hie age and is consideration of his being a stranger is your country on his first arrival, you would take him into your own house Where he can learn the good manners and will be benefited by the American home culture, more quickly than elsewhere. Words cannot express how grateful I am to you for your taking such a keen interest in the welfare of this youngster. I only hope that he will prove himself to be worthy ward of yours.

The Russo-Asiatic Bank Tientsin has already written to the first Rational Bank of Boston, Boston, requesting them to adviseā€ƒand pay your good self one thousand dollars which remittance is to defray all expenses of my boy under your charge.

Thanking you very much for all your kindness, and tendering you my sincere good wishes,

I beg to be,

Yours very truly.


Chang Pah Lung


Phillips Academy


July 30, 1920


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