Letter from F.H. Packard to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns, October 7, 1919


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Letter from F.H. Packard to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns, October 7, 1919


Letter from F.H. Packard to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns, October 7, 1919


Typed letter from F.H. Packard, Medical Superintendent for McLean Hospital, to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns detailing the condition of Hin Wa Yung. While it too soon to make a diagnosis, signs of dementia are prevalent. Mentions that the rate of board for the hospital is $50 per week.


October 7, 1919
Dr. Alfred E. Stearns,
Phillips Academy,
Andover, Mass.

Dear Dr. Stearns:

In reply to your letter of inquiry concerning Mr. Hin Wa Yung I am sorry to say that it is too soon to say anything very definite about him.

Here at the hospital he has seemed fairly contented but he is somewhat suspicious and says that he hears remarks made about him, that there are moving pictures^ about who want to take his picture and make him an actor. He is occasionally noted, when sitting by himself, to smile as if listening to voices and he says that he hears people talk to him. Generally speaking hallucinations in persons of such clearness of mind as the patient shows are unfavorable symptoms and rather indicative of a beginning dementia praecox. While I am not ready to make this diagnosis as yet it seems a very probable one since so many of the Chinese in this country go to pieces in just this way. The adjustments to Western civilization seem often to be very difficult for them to make.

I am unable of course to say anything about the duration of 
his illness, not yet being able to make a diagnosis, but under the most favorable circumstances it would be likely to be a matter of months. The rate of board is $50 a week which covers practically everything and supplies the young man with a private room.

Very truly yours,
Medical Superintendent


F.H. Packard


Phillips Academy


October 7, 1919


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