Letter from C.H. Wang to T.K. Liang


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Letter from C.H. Wang to T.K. Liang


Letter from C.H. Wang to T.K. Liang


Typed letter sent from C.H. Wang, Flood Relief Committee of Chinese Students' Alliance in the United States, to T. Kai Liang, President of Chinese Students' Club. Discusses current flooding in North China. Discusses efforts to raise money to help. Asks Liang's help in campaigning for donations. Enclosed list of facts about the flooding.


Secretary, Chinese Students’ Club,
My dear Mr.T.K.Liang

In view of the devastating flood going on in North China, we students in this country have a deep obligation to take a part in its relief. The Eastern Section of the Alliance has just organized a special relief committee to undertake the task of raising funds to relieve the sufferers. As Chairman of the Eastern Section I wish to ask for the cooperation of your Club in furthering this cause. Will you at once start a campaign in your locality to raise as much as you can from (1) our students, (2) our businessmen in various pursuits and (3) our American friends.

It is needless for me to say that the gravity of the situation requires immediate and whole-hearted support from every one of us. I have no doubt that your response will be both spontaneous and generous. It is most gratifying to know that one day’s campaign in Columbia University has already brought some two hundred dollars.

Regarding the matter of organization, I leave it to your Club Executives or Club as a whole. Allow me, however, to suggest that with the Club Executives as the central organizing force, you arrange several groups of men or women to solicit contributions and pledges among our students, countrymen in business and American friends. To carry out the plan, every one must do his or her bit.

Enclosed please find a list of facts concerning the flood and the needs which may be distributed for your campaign. For further information please refer to the Flood Relief Committee Secretary or myself. You are at liberty in using your best judgment to raise funds.

The campaign will be closed by December 10th when all individual pledges must be made. The Treasurer of your Club, or any one duly appointed or elected by your Club to take charge of the money collected, shall turn over the funds raised to the Flood Relief Committee Treasurer, Mr. Poling Chang, Livinsston Hall, Columbia University, New York City, by December 11th or earlier. Please make all checks payable to Mr. Poling Chang. Kindly keep me informed of your plahwfor raising funds and your progress in the campaign.

Wishing you great success, I am
Faithfully yours

Chairman, Eastern Section, C.S.A

Facts about the flood.

Over 120,000 square lis of territory in Chihli, Shantung and Honan provinces have been flooded, with Tientsin probably the worst sufferer.

All crops in the flooded territory have been destroyed with no prospect for cultivation now for the crops in next spring.

Several millions of people have no homes, property and food for the present, winter and next spring.

The Chinese Government has given §300.000 Mex. for immediate relief.

The American Red Cross Society has forwarded §120.000 gold to Peking for the same purpose.

Different committees as well as individuals are giving as much as they can in China, particularly in Tientsin.

Chinese students in Columbia have already raised over §200 in one day.

In spite of the foregoing aids, the needs are great for the present and even greater in the cold winter and cropless spring.


C.H. Wang


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