Letter from Dr. Alfred E. Stearns to Mr. Thomas Lee, March 17, 1916


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Letter from Dr. Alfred E. Stearns to Mr. Thomas Lee, March 17, 1916


Letter from Dr. Alfred E. Stearns to Mr. Thomas Lee, March 17, 1916


Typed letter sent from Dr. Alfred E. Stearns to Tommy Lee. Thanks Lee for returning okayed bill. Sent Mrs. Daab bill. Asks for bills to be sent earlier. Excited to know Andover may host the summer conference. States trustees will have to pass the proposition. Will have to consult trustees before writing Mr. Mok.


My dear Tommy:

Thank you for your letter and for the O.K.'d bill. I am sending Mrs. Daab a check by this same mail, and trust that the good lady will feel easier in her mind from now on. For goodness' sake, don’t let these bills go so long in the future!

I am interested and delighted to know that there is a prospect that the Conference may be held in Andover next summer. The trustees, however, will have to pass upon the proposition, and I will try to get into touch with some of that body at once. We have just refused the use of the grounds to another organization which didn’t appeal to us very strongly, so that it is possible that we may be embarrassed in letting you fellows use them. That is the only possible obstacle that I can foresee, and I am sure there must be a way of overcoming that. It will be necessary for me to consult my trustees, however, before I can write your friend, Mr. Mok. I trust that this delay will not prove embarrassing. One thing is sure, and that is if the Conference does meet here this summer, they will find much better facilities than they had when they were here before. The additions we have made in grounds and buildings since the first Conference, years ago, has been very marked, as you know.

Faithfully yours,


Dr. Alfred E. Stearns


Phillips Academy


March 17, 1916


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