Letter from Alan Fox to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns, June 28, 1910


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Letter from Alan Fox to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns, June 28, 1910


Letter from Alan Fox to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns, June 28, 1910


Typed letter from Alan Fox to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns about John Mitchell's situation. Discussed situation with Mrs. Mitchell. Believes John Mitchell would do better at smaller school for a year, then return to Andover. Suggest Stearns' brother's school. Asks for Stearns advice and opinion.


June 28, 1910
Dear Al:

I find your letter on my return from a trip to Chicago. I spent Sunday in Milwaukee with Mrs. Mitchell who had just returned from Japan. She was very anxious as to the best plan for John, and we talked the situation over at length. I told her that I would write you about the matter or would see you soon in Andover. She too is inclined to think that it might be wise to have John go to some small school for next year and then perhaps to return to Andover for the last two years. Both she and I know so little about such matters that I am inclined to follow absolutely any advice which you may have to offer. I understand that your brother has a small school, or perhaps you may know of some other place which you would recommend for John for next year. My own idea is that if there is any prospect at all of his getting along in Andover that he might better stay there, but I am going to follow what you think best, and I wish that you would write me very frankly what your idea is. I expect to be in Boston next week, and if you think it worth while will be glad to come out and talk the matter over with you. I understood from your former letters that you considered that the only trouble with John was his inability or unwillingness to apply himself and that it was not in any way a tendency to wildness. If we should decide to have him go back to Andover in the fall, I will of course follow your suggestion about arranging for another room mate and would be glad to do whatever you think best toward having him retain a single room or toward his going in with some other boy whom you may have in mind. Please do not hesitate to say or advise anything which you may have in mind, and I am sure that Mrs. Mitchell will fall in with what you write.

Faithfully yours

Mr. Alfred E. Stearns
Phillips Academy,
Andover. Mass


Alan Fox


Phillips Academy


June 28, 1910


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