Letter from Alan Fox to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns, July 23, 1910


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Letter from Alan Fox to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns, July 23, 1910


Letter from Alan Fox to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns, July 23, 1910


Typed letter sent from Alan Fox to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns about John Mitchell's situation. Understands Stearns did not ask Mitchel to withdraw, only advised against Mitchell's future roommate. Wants Stearns personal opinion whether a smaller school would be better for Mitchell. States Mrs. Mitchell will follow what Strearns advises. Believes if Mitchell returns to Andover, Mitchell should have a tutor over the summer.


July 23, 1910

Dear Al:

I do not know whether you are yet back from Connecticut Lake, where Mr. Poynter told me you had gone, but if you are not as yet returned, probably this letter will be forwarded to you. Mr. Poynter wrote me under date of June 29th an answer to my letter to you about John Mitchell, but it did not fully answer the point upon which I wish to get your advice. He stated that you had not said that John could not come back in the fall but had merely written advising against his prospective room-mate. I realized that you were going to let him come back, but what I wanted to get was your personal opinion as to whether it would be wiser to send him to some smaller school for a year before having him return to Andover. I believe that Mrs. Mitchell will be guided wholly in this matter by whatever you advise and will probably send him for next year, if you think it best, to any school that you may name. I should be sorry, however, not to see him take his last; year or two at Phillips. If he is going back to Andover in the fall, I should suppose it would be advisable to have him tutored for at least a month and he ought to start in at once. I wish you would write me what you would do if he were your own boy, and I think Mrs. Mitchell will follow whatever you say. Hoping for word from you soon,
Faithfully yours,

Mr. Alfred E. Stearns,
Phillips Academy,
Andover, Mass.


Alan Fox


Phillips Academy


July 23, 1910


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