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Typed letter from E.W. Siple to Cecil Bancroft requesting further information regarding Mr. Chang, a student at Phillips Academy. Siple is interested in knowing whether or not Mr. Chang is capable of handling the workload of an institution such as…

Typed letter from H.F. Yung to Cecil K. Bancroft notifying Bancroft that his brother H.W. Yung will not be attending the upcoming school year at Phillips Academy and not to reserve a room for him.

Handwritten letter sent from C.Y. Hsu to Cecil K. Bancroft about subjects Hsu must make up in order to gain a diploma. Accompanying note details Hsu's transcript.

Handwritten letter sent from Tommy Lee to Dr. Alfred E. Stearns. Remains "official" at school. Did not pass chemistry. Chose not to find tutor. Requests $45 for winter vacation. Plans to purchase Christmas presents. Jokes about returning to…

Handwritten letter sent from Harriet D. Mitchell to Cecil K. Bancroft about son John L. Mitchell. Plans to travel to Philippines. Told son to seek advice of instructors. Apologizes for son returning before fully recovering from measles. States…

Typed letter sent from Cecil K. Bancroft, registrar, to Wong Vung Lung. Congratulates Wong and wife on birth of son.

Typed note sent from Cecil K. Bancroft to Florence Peltier Pope. States Stearns is on vacation. Will read letter upon return.

Typed letter sent from Cecil K. Bancroft to Ethel S. Young, stating her July 10th letter was forwarded to Mr. Stearns at summer camp.

Typed letter sent from Cecil K. Bancroft to Chiun Lo Ying. Advises against entering school in the middle of the year. Suggest communicating with Dr. Charles D. Tenney about course of action for school. Enclosed catalogue for Academy.

Handwritten postcard sent from Ying Chiun Lo to Cecil K. Bancroft asking when Phillips Academy will open. Front of postcard has Ying's address in Ithaca.
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