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Bookplate of the Library of Phillips Academy.

Photograph of Wu Ting Fang, Chinese minister to the United States

Four photographs of Chang Yin Tang, new Chinese minister recently arrived in Washington. Upper left photograph is a portrait of Chang Yin Tang. Upper right photograph is of Lily Chang, eldest daughter of Chang Yin Tang. Lower right photograph is of…

Article detailing the diplomatic career of Yung Kwai, first secretary of the Chinese Legation at Washington, who attended high school in Springfield and college at Yale. Article includes two photographs, one of Yung-Kwai and his wife and the other of…

Article from the London Herald detailing Prince Zai Suun's visit, with Chentung Liang-Cheng, to Glasgow to inspect A.F. Yarrow and H.E. Yarrow's shipyard. Article includes a photograph of Prince Zai Suun and his suite.

Two photographs of Sir Chentung Liang-Cheng and the new Chinese Legation in Washington, D.C. The upper photograph is of Chentung Liang-Cheng, Chinese minister and legation attache, in his automobile. The lower photograph is of the ballroom in the…

Two photographs of the new Chinese Legation in Washington, D.C. The upper photograph is an exterior shot of the building. The lower photo is an interior shot of the hall in the Legation.

Photograph of the Onyx Room in the new Chinese Legation.

Article written by C.S. Walker about the Chinese students studying in America. Describes the conference held last summer in Amherst of the Chinese Students' Alliance. Describes a few of the various schools the Chinese students are studying in.…
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