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P.S. Fang's father asks Dr.Alfred Stearns to return some of tuition and give the money to S.Y.Hu.

Typed letter from Wright & Ditson to Dr. A.E. Stearns alerting Stearns that a student at Phillips Academy, King Look, placed an order charged direct to Stearns without having an official order to do so. Inquires Stearns as to whether or not the order…

Typed letter from Dr. Alfred E. Stearns to D.L. Saunders requesting that Saunders send a certain bill, accrued by King Look, to him since is the boy's acting guardian.

Typed letter from Dr. Alfred E. Stearns to the Jordan Marsh Company concerning his personal account with the store and how any expenses accrued by Chinese students in his care should be handled under separate accounts, not his own personal account.

Typed letter from the Jordan Marsh Company to Dr A E Stearns concerning the bill for one suit delivered to King Look at Churchill House, Andover. Requests that Stearns take the matter up with Look.

Typed letter from the Jordan Marsh Company to Mr Alfred E Stearns acknowledging the receipt of Stearns' previous letter from the 16th. Requests that Stearns advise Look not to purchase on Stearns' account without prior authorization in the form of a…

Letter from King Look to Dr. Stearns expressing his sorrow for having missed the opportunity to say goodbye. Thanks Stearns for the privilege of the late school year in Andover and wishes him a pleasant summer

Post card from King Look to Dr. A.E. Stearns which includes a photo of Echo Station Utah and sends his greetings from Echo.

Handwritten letter from King Look to Dr. Stearns detailing the scenery on his trip out West via railroad. Expresses desire for a personal tutor and mentions a visit taken to the University of California, Golden Gate. Further discusses his plans while…

Post card from K. Look to Dr. Stearns including a picture of the Hotel del Monte. Planning to go to San Francisco the following day.
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